Los cuerpos de dos capitanes que fallecieron a bordo de sus respectivos buques en viaje hacia extremo no han podido ser devueltos a sus familias.

A pesar de la oferta de total cooperación de los armadores involucrados, las autoridades de Singapur, China, Malasia e Indonesia se negaron a realizar los trámites para su traslado aéreo alegando que “podrían” ser casos de covid19. La lucha contra la pandemia no puede ser nunca opuesta a los valores éticos y humanos, tiene que ser, exactamente, todo lo contrario.

Copiamos la carta que CESMA ha remitido a las Comisiones Europeas de Transporte y de Salud sobre estos muy vergonzosos casos.

Confederation of European ShipsMasters’ Association Muntplein 10 - 1012 WR AMSTERDAM - THE NETHERLANDS

email : cesma-eu@introweb.nl On 21 June 2021

To Mrs Adina VALEAN EU Commissioner for Transport

To Mrs Stella KYRIAKIDES EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety

To Mr Henrik HOLOLEI – Mr Matthew BALDWIN Mrs Magda KOPCZYNSKA – Mr Sandro SANTAMATO Mr Sian PROUT – Mrs Daniela ROSCA DG MOVE

Subject : Impossibility for repatriation of dead seafarers

Dear Madam, Dear Sir, T

he Covid-19 crisis is not yet finished, mainly for seafarers. Even if they were declared and recognised as « key workers » by a great majority of countries, the situation for them does not still not go to a better and easier facility. It came to our attention that seafarers who died at sea are still not treated as « normal humans ».

Several cases of ships with bodies of seafarers died on board, due to the covid pandemy or not, are not allowed to be repatriated to their home country for proprer funeral. Despite the fact the countries who denied the landing and repatriation of bodies are all signatory of the IMO recommandation to recognise seafarers as key workers.

It is especially the case for two captains, on M/V Ital Libera and M/V Vantage Wave. M/V Ital Libera : despite the decease of captain in April 2021, beginning june same year the owners should declared force majeure case in order to bring the vessel in Italy for to land the body of the captain in his country. M/V Vantage Wave, the romanian captain died mid april 2021, probably not due to the pandemy but to a heart attack. The vessel sailed between Asia and South Africa, and was denied to desembark the body of the captain till now.

Even the solution proned by Chinese authorities to make a « burial at sea » is a solution which shows, if deemed necessary, the very poor consideration China is given to seafarers.

How can you imagine the physical and psychological conditions the « survival seafarers » are living and, maybe most important, working ? Does safety at sea improve in such conditions ? Why all those countries signed the IMO recommandation ? Should it be considered, or not, as a normal « human right » to be repatriated and buried in your own country ?

Cesma asks you, as European Commissioneers, to use of your influence to push the Administration of the countries where are calling vessels to be in concordance with the international rules and human rights.

We remain at Your disposal to discuss the matter.

Respectfull regards

Capt ; H. ARDILLON CESMA President